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There are 3 tiers of Grievance Redress process:
First-tier Grievance Redress: The community organizers at the village / project site, for each activity implemented at village level, will be the first level contact for any aggrieved person. On a fixed date of every month, individuals / community can approach the community organizer to register their grievance. That apart, the project sites will have information board with the name of the PEA; name of the nodal grievance redress/social development officer of SPMU; a toll free number to register grievances.

Second-tier Grievance Redress: Any grievance of the community / individual addressed to the community organizer, if remains unresolved will be passed on to the higher level by the community organizer. At the SPMU level, the grievance redress mechanism will comprise of the grievance registration system as described above; a dedicated staff of the Communication and Capacity Building Cell of SPMU to escalate the matter; a Grievance Committee of the SPMU which will include the Additional Project Director.

Third-tier Grievance Redress: In case grievance is not addressed at this tier as well, the aggrieved person can approach the State Coastal Zone Management Authority or the National Coastal Zone Management Authority. The National and State Coastal Zone Management Authorities have, apart from representation from the Government agencies, members who are either experts independent of the Government or representatives of NGOs working on coastal zone management issues.

You may use the below form to send your grievance, if you are addressing to the first tier Grievance Redress you can directly enter it and submit. Please make sure you note down the Grievance id the system displays on submission. This number is needed while you send grievance to 2nd tier and 3rd tier.

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Grievance Helpline

  1. Call +91 11 24360932
  2. CPIO - Society of Integrated Coastal Management
    Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change,
    Room Number:- 111, Ist Floor, Paryavaran Bhawan , CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003.